Digital Tools for Your Church

Our Mission:

The Church of the Nazarene has partnered with The Center for Bible Engagement to provide your church with tools to help you engage with the Bible daily.

BeEngaged Custom Apps

Enhance your reach and help people grow closer to Jesus every day with a custom Bible &  Ministry engagement app with one-of-a-kind intuitive verse delivery algorithm. Fully loaded and customizable, this discipleship tool is free to both the ministry and the user. 

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BeEngaged Groups

BeEngaged Groups allows you to embed any group experience on your website. From sermon live-streaming to online prayer groups and classroom-like settings, your church can use our tools free of charge to reach your congregants online!

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BeEngaged Library

With hundreds of plans to choose from, the Center for Bible Engagement and our partners offer you a wide variety of study and enrichment tools that can be integrated into your website or app. Reach more congregants and expand your Bible study tools with our embeddable library.

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BeEngaged Research

With your spiritual journey as our #1 priority, we are dedicated to researching and developing tools and resources that lead to spiritual transformation within churches. Find out why it's important for your church by clicking below.